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Are you of those who can’t do without salt

Keep salt always available at the table, put salt in the dish before tasting it and prefer the abundantly salty ones among dried nuts.... If you mistakenly believe that deliciousness of food is in paralel with the salt rate, and if you repeat these mistakes, do not forget that you are a potential kidney patient.

Are you of those who can’t do without salt

Patients with hypertension, watch out !

In nearly 33 % of the adult population, hypertension is seen. Hypertension and diabetes are the most important two reasons of kidney failure. It’s very important to detect hyperpietics , to treat them and limit them when it comes to salt.

We are consuming 18 gr of salt on a daily basis, hence we invite diseases.

Turkish Hypertension and Kidney Diseases Association is warning !

Daily average salt consumption in our country is around 18 gr (a spoonful). All those who consume this amount which is three times higher than normal run risks concerning kidney, heart and vascular health and they must see without delay a nephrology specialist.
Are you of those who can’t do without salt

Nephropathy is progressive

Our kidneys have such very crucial functions as disposal of water and salt from our body, regulation of blood-pressure, production of vitamin D, production of blood-forming hormones, driving harmful agents out of the body by urine. When there is a decrease in kidney functions for any reason, kidney failure is in question. When it lasts over three months, it is deemed as chronic and it should be understood that this course of event is progressive.

Hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, renal stone disease, history of family kidney disease, heedless use of pain-killers and frequent ureter infection form risk factors for kidney diseases

Save your kidneys with early diagnosis.

Kidney disease is detectable through blood and urine tests. Provided that the necessary measures have been taken, it is possible to slow down the progress and even to stop it. When kidney functions goes under 15 %, final phase kidney failure is talked about. At this stage of the kidney disease, patients should be informed about kidney transplant and dialysis treatment.

Treatment on time saves lives

Prevention of chronic kidney failure is possible through treatment on time.In Turkey, nearly 16 % of the adult population catch chronic kidney failure at various phases.

If legs are swollen, if urine is foamed

In our country, diabetes is one of the greatest factors threatening kidney health. The diabetic persons who undergo swelling on legs, decreases in sugar rates, and foamings of urine must consult a doctor and if a defect in kidneys has been diagnosed, they must be followed under the supervision of a nephrology specialist.

To protect kidney health

Kidney failure is detectable through urea and high creatine in blood. Even if patients’ creatine value is right on the upper limit, this could indicate that there is a kidney failure involved. In order to maintain kidney health: make sure to drink 1,5-2 litres of water daily, not to take pain-killers randomly, to keep normal body weight.

Get scared of being late , not of doctors

A doctor must be consulted to, in cases of lack of appetite in the mornings,nausea,vomit, weakness, nocturia, foaming in urine, swelling of legs and around eyes, a dirty yellow color on skin and lack in control of hypertension

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